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Course Objectives:


The goal of this lesson is to cultivate every student’s potential, and train them to focus without other wishful thinking and disturbances. This will not only liberate students spiritually, but also stimulate vitality and growth in sports, academia, creativity, and imagination.

Course Setting: In order to optimize effectiveness of meditation, infrastructure and surrounding atmosphere are critical elements. Our school has designed a peaceful meditation hall to facilitate students for more effective meditation.

Course Content:


Accurate sitting position is vital. Students are encouraged to practice the lotus position, with both feet on top of opposing knees. This position enables students to quickly achieve a high concentration of quietness and inner peace in meditation.

Course Methods:


Before meditation lesson, a 15 minute lecture will explain the spiritual and physical benefit of meditation. Then a 15 to 20 minutes meditation session will ensue: 1. With a knock on wooden fish (Chinese temple block) three times as a signal to start meditation. 2. And after 15 minutes of meditation, joy bells will ring to signal an end to meditation.

Course Goals:


With the meditation sessions, students will learn to practice meditation every day in the morning and before bedtime. The length of meditation is personalized to one’s schedule and habit. The practice of meditation alleviates daily academic pressure, stress, fatigue, and even transforms negative energy into positive energy in order to conquer the difficulties and challenges of daily life.

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