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Teaching Philosophy

School is a sacred place where people's talents are nurtured. It is like a great furnace where steel is forged. After being smelted thousands of times, students become indestructible like vajra. In the future, they will be able to serve the country well. Teachers, in turn, experience the joy of teaching talented and promising students. Theirs is a sacred and inviolable duty and they should take that duty seriously.

Our schools implement a volunteer teacher system established by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua. The idea is to set up a model of incorruptibility for teachers. Being a volunteer naturally entails the responsibility of complete giving as described by our founder:

Every teacher sets an example with his own conduct. They are honest and self-respecting, and they pass their wisdom and aspirations onto the next generation. They do not fight for pay raise or go on strike.

In this way, the teacher can teach with full concentration and effort. They will not just be a “teacher of books,” they will also be a “teacher of people.” As it is said, “When one reaches the level of no seeking, one’s character will be noble.” Only teachers who are not seeking money and fame can influence students with their aspirations and broad ideals, thus undertaking the difficult task of rectifying people’s lives and developing long-lasting peace.

Our teachers are enthusiastic professionals who teach a traditional liberal arts education. We respect and support our teachers' efforts in teaching and providing discipline for students, in order to build strong pillars for our nation and the world. In aligning with our educational goals, teachers can count on the assistance and cooperation from our schools to ensure a respectful and encouraging environment for education.

We value traditional teaching philosophy and discipline, but also embrace innovative perspectives and contemporary methodology in education. Our schools integrate both Western and Eastern training and skills in educating our students. Students from culturally diverse background have the opportunity to learn from each other, broaden their horizon, enlarge their vision, and generate a genuine appreciation of people's uniqueness. Our teachers play an important role in building the fundamental core of our students' moral characters which is not only taught by words, but through the actions and conduct of the teacher. This is the foundation and basis for all the teaching and education at our schools.

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