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Introduction to Instilling Goodness Elementary and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools at the City of Dharma Realm

1. Founding of the school: The school was established in 2010, officially registered as a K-12 school, including kindergarten to the 12th grade. In 2016, it received approval from the immigration bureau to issue Form I-20 for the enrollment of international students. Graduates from the high school program have consistently gained admission to prestigious universities in the United States, completing their academic journeys successfully.


2. Founder: Venerable Master Hua, who tirelessly dedicated his life for the propagation of Dharma and the benefit of sentient beings, gave instructions in 1992 to establish an educational center as part of Dharma Realm Sacred City. His vision included starting with elementary and middle schools to cultivate morally upright and capable individuals who embody virtues such as non-contention, non-greed, selflessness, truthfulness, and moral integrity. The aim is to contribute talents to Buddhism and make genuine efforts for world peace.


3. Location: The school is situated in West Sacramento, the capital of California, at the very heart of the city. The serene environment, amidst nature, provides an ideal setting for studying, balancing tranquility with vibrancy.


4. Student Composition: The school primarily enrolls local students and also welcomes students from various regions and international locations. Dormitory facilities are available, providing accommodation and meals for remote students. The diverse student body includes individuals from the United States, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and among American-born Chinese, fostering cross-cultural learning, understanding, and respect.


5. Faculty: In order to cultivate educators with high moral character and rich knowledge, Venerable Master Hua established a voluntary teaching system, encouraging individuals dedicated to education without seeking personal gain. The school has received positive responses from teachers of various nationalities who, with their outstanding experiences and academic backgrounds, have become integral parts of the education team.


6. Objective: The elementary school focuses on cultivating filial piety as a personality development goal, while the middle school emphasizes loyalty and practical service to society. The overarching principles of the school are based on the Eight Virtues: filial piety, fraternity, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, righteousness, integrity, and shame. The six guiding principles are non-contention, non-greed, non-seeking, selflessness, truthfulness, and moral integrity, forming the foundation of the school's ideals and sole objective.


7. Curriculum: The curriculum adheres to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Education for each grade. Additionally, the school emphasizes the cultivation of correct learning attitudes and thinking to enhance learning abilities. The school provides an inspiring teaching approach, laying a solid foundation and encouraging active progress. Furthermore, there is a focus on talent development, exploring potential in both academic and non-academic areas. A distinctive feature of the school is the emphasis on courses related to meditation, Buddhist studies, disciples' rules, the Analects, ethics, and moral education, fostering independent and harmonious individuals.


8. Diet: The school offers healthy and delicious vegetarian meals, occasionally providing cooking classes to encourage students to adopt a vegetarian diet for physical and mental well-being, promoting self-benefit and benefiting others.


9. Requirements: Parents and students must fully cooperate with the school system, adhere to teachers' teaching requirements, work together to implement the school's teaching goals, and embrace the educational objectives.


10. Uniform: Venerable Master Hua instructed students to wear school uniforms to cultivate a dignified appearance and nurture a good temperament.


11. Tuition: The total cost, including tuition, book fees, miscellaneous fees, and registration fees, is approximately $3,000 USD per semester. Accommodation fees, including three meals, are $1,200 USD per month. English language instruction for international students is included in the original tuition fees.


12. Application: Please visit the school's website for detailed information, fill out the application form, and send it back after completion. After the school reviews the application, an interview will be arranged, and further steps will be communicated.


Finally, welcome to be a part of Instilling Goodness Elementary and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools at the City of Dharma Realm, embarking on a joyful, grounded, and meaningful educational journey! Best wishes!

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