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The following provides greater detail on each subject matter taught as part of the Standard Curriculum, most of which not only meet but exceed the California Standard requirements. Please see below for more information.


Language Arts/English:


Based on the California Common Core State Standards, these courses start with focus on basic reading, writing, and linguistic and communication skills in elementary school to introduction of metaphors and analogies in seventh grade, progressing to mastery and proficiency in critical thinking and analysis of American, World, and British literature in 12th grade.




Having a solid and basic foundation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to decimal points and memorizing mathematics formulas in elementary school, students then advance in to pre-Algebra and Algebra in Middle School, then onto Geometry/Trigonometry, Algebra II, and to Calculus depending on individual student’s level.


Social Science:


The Social Studies courses begin with the basic elements of geography, history, civics, and economics, with introduction of the three branches of the US government in elementary school. As one progresses into middle and high school, one delves into more detail with greater emphasis on practical matters and application of World and US History along with US Government.




Elementary students begin by learning the nature of science, the fundamentals of physical, life, earth, and space sciences along with their interrelationships. Middle school students are introduced to the foundation of life and integrated sciences including the scientific method, as well as looking into the cellular and atomic levels of what comprises life. High school students examine each subject matter more specifically including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, as well as the potential to take AP level Chemistry, Biology, and Physics classes.


Physical Education:


The importance of developing age-appropriate motor skills and hand-eye coordination whether in individual or group sports is emphasized in these courses, which are designed to be age-appropriate for the various grade level students. Physical education is designed for physical development and skill mastery in a positive environment with emphasis on collaboration and team work.


Visual and Performing Arts:


The visual and performing arts classes are conducted oftentimes together with various grade level students to allow for collaboration in performing arts, as well as to foster a sense of brotherhood among students of the more senior students helping to guide the younger students through various projects whether they be in visual or performing arts. Arts and crafts classes teach and show students the creative re-use of materials and objects to illustrate the virtue of not wasting and the possibilities of using one’s creativity.

Standard Studies

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