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Virtues Studies

Course Objectives:

This school emphasizes education in good character and virtues, both of which are the basis of being a good person and ensures happiness and harmony within a family. Virtue is also the foundation of having a prosperous and peaceful nation. Teaching virtues develops the inherent goodness of a human being and such goodness can be preserved and passed on to generations to come. Hence, it is one of the required courses in our school.   

Course Goals:


The scientific advancement and materialistic civilization has been providing comfort and convenience in human lives. At the same time, wisdom and virtue must be the basis of our lives in order to enrich human spirit and promote emotional health. Therefore, young adults with a healthy physique and mind as well as an upright character could help promote and spread virtue so that everyone will be truly happy. This is the goal of this particular course. 

Course Content:


This course take the following eight core virtues as the main content: filial respect, brotherhood, citizenship, propriety, social justice, humility, and integrity. Texts will include: Confucius Analects, Great Learning, Discourse on Moderation and Confucian ideology. At the same time, cultures from the west and the east will be interfused into the course. Exemplary models from the past and present or occasions, including people and phenomenon, can be used as lessons for students and will be applied in the class.    

Course Design:


The course will meet twice a week. Through class discussion and critical thinking, students' inherent goodness will be developed. This course will encourage students to practice virtues in their daily lives. Students will be evaluated on daily behaviors and learn how to interact with others.

Instructional Method:


1) Students will analyze and discuss various case studies via videos and class lectures.

2) Through reading and listening to various explication, students are inspired to think insightfully. Through communication and understanding, students will learn to build up ethical views and behaviors.   

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